The Inseparable Fate of User Experience and Digital Marketing

Creating a UX digital marketing

What is Digital User Experience?

You may be wondering which discipline would win in a showdown between the latest trends of digital marketing vs. UX design, but the truth is that they are both essential for any online business.

Why UX Matters

UX is a crucial, sustainable competitive advantage for any kind of product and service on the web. When it comes to growing your brand, good UX marketing is good business, no matter what industry you are in.

Google — Lessons From Masters in UX Digital Marketing

Google is a behemoth in the world of user experience marketing, and their homepage is an example of excellent user experience design. It was part of Google’s philosophy to “Focus on the user, and all else will follow.”

Google search as an example of digital user experience

Peter Moreville’s User Experience Honeycomb

Peter Moreville, one of the first information architects and a pioneer in the field of user experience design, created the User Experience Honeycomb to describe the facets of digital UX design. It’s a bit of a manifesto, and it contains 7 elements:

7 elements of Honeycomb user experience

Useful Products/Services

Products and systems should be as useful as possible. To ensure this, it is necessary to regularly re-evaluate your products and systems to identify innovative solutions to make them more useful.

Website Usability

Usability is a critical part of human-computer interaction design and a necessary part of UX. The interface must be intuitive, simple, and easy to understand.

Testing, Testing, and More testing.

Usability testers are UX professionals who evaluate the design of a website. They work with both the design team and users to find appropriate ways to test the UX. The goal is to address the pitfalls of user experience head-on. It takes work and patience to find solutions that dramatically improve UX, but it can lead to a great return on your investment.

Tesing digital user experience

Desirable Digital Design Aesthetics

Feelings are at the forefront of digital design, and a big part of UX marketing is recognizing humanity.

Easy to Find

Your audience should be able to locate your website, navigate the site without issue and easily find what they are looking for.


Also called inclusive design, accessibility is about designing experiences for users with disabilities. Websites need to remove any barriers or challenges that keep handicapped users from accessing the content.

Brand Credibility

The design of the website needs to be professional and contain elements that signify credibility. Jakob Nielsen listed 4 ways that brands increase their trustworthiness online:

  • Up-front disclosure
  • Comprehensive, correct, and current content
  • Connect to the rest of the web


The website must provide some sort of value to the company’s stakeholders and users. Return on investment (ROI) is one of the most important business metrics for value. We use the conversion rate to measure the success of any changes made in the name of UX. It’s common for businesses to see an ROI of 10% after a successful UX makeover.

Choose LIVID as Your UX Digital Marketing Partner

Designing a good user experience is one of the most difficult aspects of digital marketing. While the fundamentals of good UX are easy to apply, the real challenge is incorporating everything together. There are lots of bases to cover and many different goals to consider.



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